Our ability to produce high precision parts allows us to service some of the most demanding markets:

United States Military

Aero-Space Tooling and Machining has serviced the military for over 25 years. We have developed parts for missiles (including Titan IV and Pegasus, Delta II), molds for propellants, permeation cells. layup molds, space shuttle test fixtures, and fighter jets components as seen in the F35 video.


Indirectly serving large international aerospace manufacturers providing: layup molds, tooling for aircraft components (brake, landing gear, instruments), flight simulator components and tooling.


Our services have allowed companies to deliver advanced services to their subscribers. Examples are satellite mold components and X-ray/infrared telescope components.


We have been serving the above ground and under ground mining industries for over 30 years. Sample capabilities include: tuyere punch cylinders, shafts/cylinders, drill blanks, tubing.


Sample parts we have developed for medical purposes are: instrumentation for medical lasers, molds and tooling, medicine packaging molds.